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What with all the problems created by Covid and lockdowns together with JFYP Studio relocating things have been very quiet and no events have been arranged now for what seems to have been an eternity, but that’s about to change. 

Since the studio relocated we’ve been working towards reintroducing some events and are now at that stage. Get some photographers back in the studio and get some feedback on what sort things they would like to see moving forwards.

Something that has come up in discussions quite regularly in the past is using speedlights and we have recently been working on a workshop styled group shoot using just speedlights. The aim of the shoot is “Simply Speedlights” and on the day we will be creating several different looks with just speedlights and a grey background. There will be some post editing and some of the looks will need more editing than others but with a basic knowledge of Photoshop there’s nothing that should be too challenging. As an additional help everyone attending the shoot will have access to an online video discussing some of my ideas on the processing of the images using lightroom and photoshop. I’m not a professional educator but hopefully some of my ideas will be of some help in processing the images. The aim of the day is that even though the goal is to eventually achieve the different styles described, the images can be used and processed as you normally would, the additional editing is a bonus!

So what can you expect. from the shoot. Well, I have recently had a test shoot with Darcie Louise, who will be the model for our initial shoot, and images from each of the styles can be seen below. We have an “Old Masters” painting effect, a gel image, pinup style changing the background colour and black and white. Further details can be found on our events page.

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