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You may have noticed a slight change to the title of this website which is now “Welcome to my World of Photography and Beyond”. I’ve made the change because I’ve made a conscious decision to reduce my involvement with studio photography. There isn’t anything sinister behind the decision, the main reason being cost. Over the last few years the cost of arranging a studio shoot has escalated dramatically in my experience and sadly I have reached the conclusion that it is something that I no longer wish to afford on a regular basis. Add this to the relaunch of JFYP Studio with a slightly different format and the time just seemed right for a change.

Some of you will already be aware that over the last few months at the studio we have been exploring the use of AI in our photography and that is something that I am now intending to explore more.and possibly posting about more on here, hence the addition of “beyond” to the website title. Now I know there are mixed feelings about AI and that’s fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. My thoughts, for what they are worth, is that AI is not going to go away so I’m going to take a look and see what it has to offer for me.

Whatever you think about AI it is an art form and there is a skill to it. A skill that others out there have mastered far better that me for the moment. In many ways it is quite similar to photography. In photography you have an idea, you create the idea (either by building it in a studio or finding a location to shoot at ). If anyone else is involved in the shoot you tell them what you’re trying to achieve then you press the shutter and see what appears on the back of the camera. If it isn’t what you want you go back and do it again. AI is very similar. You have an idea and then you describe it (put it into words), you enter your words into the AI generator (push the button) and wait to see what comes up on the screen (back of camera ). If it isn’t what you want you go back and modify the prompt (change the scene ). In both cases the result isn’t always what you expect.

For the moment I’m using a site called Night Cafe which not only allows you to create completely unique images direct from a word prompt but also allows you to upload one of your own photographs and use that as a starting point for your creation. You can check Night Cafe out and see some of my creations by clicking the highlighted text above. Like anything else, AI needs experience and you learn and improve as you go along. AI itself is still in its infancy and so it also is improving as it goes along and better images are being achieved as time passes.

If you do try Night Cafe, or any other AI Generator, get in touch and let me know what you think. For now to finish here are just a few of my early creations with Night Cafe


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