An unusual adventure

This week saw what was for me an unusual adventure in several ways. Firstly this was a location shoot, which is in itself a very rare adventure for me. It was also a total journey into the unknown, having been invited by Andy Harris to join him and another photographer on a shoot that they had planned. I knew the basics, it was a disused railway line and there was a tunnel and that was about it. It all sounded very interesting and so I decided to go along. I wasn’t disappointed.

Sadly the  unusually warm spell of weather we had been experiencing didn’t last and we were faced with a really cold day with rain. Our model, Missa RaeBerry soldiered on bravely throughout the day without a single word of complaint and it is credit to her resilience that we ended up with some super images at the end of the day.

My plan was that I didn’t have a plan. I went along with an open mind on a new experience which I intended treating as a whole new learning experience. Away from the relatively controlled environment of a photographic studio the camera is going to behave in a completely different way and that was a challenge I was looking forward to.

For me the day was a total success. I learnt a lot and came away with ideas that I will take with me into future location shoots. What I hadn’t planned for was my featured image which wasn’t arranged and was in fact just a random shot I took as Missa RaeBerry looked through some of her props that she had brought along with her. On returning home and looking through the images I found a few more images from the day which I thought went well with the feature image and for me they combine to give a  feel of homelessness and despair. As I said, totally unplanned but I thought I would share them here as part of my unusual adventure. I hope you enjoy them.





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