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So yesterday we took the AI challenge. We were joined in the studio by a group of photographers and our model, Morgan, who provided us with an array of looks to photograph. The aim was that after the shoot we would look at the photographers images and then, with the help of Adobe AI we would attempt to create a range of settings around Morgan’s images. Overall it was a good day and in the main we survived the challenge.

AI does seem to be a very fast developing technology illustrated by the fact that when we first came up with the idea of this shoot it was based around the Photoshop beta. Whilst the beta does still survive, AI is now incorporated in the new full release of Photoshop and the full version does seem to function slightly differently and I’m sure that we will see a lot more changes as the technology develops. For the moment AI in Photoshop is free to use, so if you are interested now is the time to try it as it may not be free forever.

So how did the day go? As I said above, in the main we survived the challenge and managed to create acceptable images in a convincing background. The technology isn’t perfect and some results are a little strange but you are always offered a range of image choices and we always managed to find something acceptable. One thing I have noticed since the shoot and seeing some of the images that the photographers have created afterwards is the range of ideas. Whilst everyone basically took the same shots on a plain background, the settings they have then created vary greatly. I think the consensus of opinion was that the day was a success and we achieved set out to achieve. Take a look below and see a few of my creations.


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  1. Andy H
    15th October 2023

    It was a good event Peter, and a good intro to AI. Just to clarify, AI within Photoshop is free at the moment, although of course Photoshop is not free. Although it is great value as the Photographer package in creative cloud, which al gives full access to AI in Adobe Express.

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