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Well the move is now complete and JFYP Studio is well and truly settled in its new home just around the corner from its old location and Andy Harris can be found there on a daily basis offering much the same service as he did before at the old studio. Check out the website to find out just what is on offer.

The studio events that I was involved with running at the old studio pretty much came to an end with the arrival of Covid and with the studio move planned for early 2022 none have been arranged since, however, that could now be about to change and I’m looking for some feedback.

What we have now is a very different space to what we had at the old studio which may well make large group events less viable but I see no reason why we couldn’t run some smaller workshops and certainly one to one studio days would be possible. So the question is “What sort of events would you like to see at the studio ?” Equally who would be interested? I’d love to hear from both models and photographers and I’ll add a contact form below for anyone who doesn’t have any other contact details for me. Please get in touch and let me know what you think. If the interest is there we will get something arranged. Look forward to hearing from you.

For now, below is a reminder of just a few models who have visited the old studio over the past few years.



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    1. Rod Jackson
      11th May 2022

      Would be very interested in small group shoots and 1 to 1 shoots. But just checking is the new studio reachable by public transport?

      • psm0114
        11th May 2022

        The studio is just across from RSPB Old Moor on Manvers Way and I believe there are several bus routes run close by.

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