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It’s been a while! In fact almost a year since I last posted a blog. It’s been a funny couple of years to say the least and I think many of us are left wondering if things will ever be the same again. For a while photography stood still, particularly studio photography where studios were closed for long periods of time and restrictions when they did reopen meant they were unable to operate in quite the same way as they did prior to Covid. Thankfully things are returning to something more like normality from an operational point of view but not necessarily from a people point of view.

Confidence returns at a different pace for different people and there are still some people who are not comfortable returning to face to face photography. There isn’t a right or wrong. Covid is new, an unknown, so there are no historical guidelines so we are now in a situation where we are all left to make our own minds up about what we do and don’t feel safe doing. 

Some photographers and models have gone for good. This always happens, people find other things to do with their time and move away from photography but I think that the enforced break due to lockdown has meant a larger number of people have found other things to occupy them during lockdown and will never return. I have to admit that I have found returning quite difficult, hence the 12 month interval in blogs, and I still wonder to what extent my photography may change moving forwards.

For the moment I’m pretty much still delving back into the archives. It’s been interesting for me as i am one of , I think, the minority of photographers who actually enjoys editing and this past 2 years has given me the opportunity to look back at some of my old images and edit then in a different way. That can’t last forever and along with new editing techniques there is a need for new images to edit so hopefully there will be some new shoots, we will have to wait and see.

So there it is. A move in the right direction. A new blog. Hopefully the first of many, but for now here a few of my revisited images.

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