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My post for a model to work with earlier this week  produced a good response and did result in a shoot being arranged. Watch this space for updates. I have several ideas that I want to experiment with and hopefully we will manage to develop some of those ideas and produce some decent images from the collaboration.

I am really looking forward to this shoot and exited to see what results we can get. The young lady who will be collaborating with me has very little modelling experience, but wanting to gain more experience and is also a photographer. She is a considerably younger photographer than me and I am hoping that this age difference will result in a diversity of ideas.

In this instance I don’t think the lack of modelling experience will prove to be a problem as we are developing ideas as we go along and creating poses should come as part of that development. We have a basic but flexible plan so we’ll run with that and see where it takes us.

One thing that I think is really important and I keep saying this over and over again is that I believe photography should be enjoyed. It doesn’t matter if you want to make a career out of it, win competitions, get qualifications or just press the button and get a few pictures, enjoyment is paramount and I am convinced that it will show in your images. It’s a belief that I take with me to every shoot and this one will certainly be no exception.

Thanks to everyone who did get in touch about the shoot. There were others that would have also been suitable for the ideas I have but in the end I had to pick one person. I hate having to do that and I find it very difficult replying to people who I haven’t chosen for a shoot but most of the time it is just one model that’s needed.

So keep checking back and hopefully there will shortly be some images from the shoot. For now though, here area few of my favourites from a couple of recent shoots.

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