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I’m looking for a model who shares the same passion for creating stunning images with creative lighting. Below are just a few of the ideas I have. There are others in my head that still need to be tested.


Hollywood, film noir and classic portrait lighting are just a few of the ideas I have in mind but there are many more, gels, depth of field, and edgy quirky fashion looks are all possibilities. You will need to have some modelling experience and also be able to do makeup to a reasonable standard but the main thing is enthusiasm.



However, before you dash to get in touch be aware, there needs to be some collaboration to sort out what works and what doesn’t and I know that many of you out there will realise that collaboration is a far more tasteful way of saying you won’t get paid. This isn’t something I often suggest and the main reason for that is that the response is usually nil, but,  I wouldn’t expect it to be more than one shoot and it is something that I think is worth the effort and you never know,  it could also lead to paid work.



Okay then, if you’ve got this far and you’re still interested then please get in touch. You should be able to find a contact form on here, or if you arrived here from a link from another page then you can contact me through that site as well.



So that’s it. No promises but a chance to come along and see what we can create. If it works, who knows, lets give it a try.

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