A trip to Doncaster with Chloe

What would turn out to be my last shoot of a hectic week of shoots was a trip across to Doncaster for a shoot with Chloe at Sean Tuplin’s studio in Doncaster. For more images from the shoot see the separate link in the menu above.

This was in fact my second visit to Sean’s studio and I do find the visits very enjoyable. The studio is compact but produces some good images and here we have had the opportunity to try out a variety of ideas with very satisfying results.

Chloe is a fairly new but very capable and enthusiastic young model who was keen to get involved with the ideas that we came up with.

I do enjoy getting in a studio and experimenting. Some ideas work and some don’t but hopefully the experience moves you forward and makes you a better photographer. That’s the aim and I do hope that is what is happening. I’m sure that all serious photographers are the same, the desire is to improve and produce the best images we can. The other big plus is that in doing that we also get the chance to get into a studio meet some other pleasant and enthusiastic people and have some fun on the way.

But that’s enough for now, here’s one of my favourite images from the day and as I said, you can find more of the imagesĀ here


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