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This weekend saw me back at Map Studio for an all too short shoot with Carla Monaco. One of the themes I had in mind for the day was sixties fashion, a style I know Carla enjoys and also models extremely well. The only problem I  ended up with was how best to present the vast number of images I ended up with.


Choosing which images to use was a problem but black and white always works for me so that was a good starting point, however, I thought that on this occasion the colour images worked equally as well.



The sixties was a different time photographically, pre digital and when choice of film could make a world of difference to what the final image looked like. I thought I would try and create something similar to what my memory tells me the 60’s images looked like.


I really did want a busy background as I didn’t think a plain studio backdrop would do anything at all for the shots. I wanted the background busy but if possible, out of focus but because of the space I had available ¬†and the lighting I was using it wasn’t always possible to get the amount of blur I wanted and so I did call on Photoshop to give me some help with a couple of the images.


I enjoyed the day and feel that I achieved much of what I set out to achieve. I also learned quite a bit that I will take to the next shoot and hopefully use the extra knowledge to improve my images even more.

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  1. Bryan C Molloy
    24th March 2017

    Excellent images Peter – very sixties – Cheers Bryan Molloy

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