Very last minute – A shoot with Cariad

My trip down to Map Studio for this shoot with Caraid was all very last minute with very little time for any planning. That didn’t however prove to be a problem with what turned out to be a very enjoyable and productive days photography.

Caraid turned out to be an excellent “Hollywood” model and I think we got some very good portraits in the classic hollywood style.

Colour or black and white? I found it difficult to choose so I’ve added a selection of both.

What I wasn’t prepared for though was the vintage clothing that Cariad turned up with. We only used a small amount of it but I think that what we did use we used to quite good effect.

I’ve made some tonal adjustments to the images which I though added to the vintage feel. Another stroke of good fortune was the suitcase which Alex already had in the studio and I think added greatly to the images. The boots were modern but I think also fitted well with the look and on a somewhat topical note, the label in the coat was BHS !

Then it was back to a more modern day look with a bit more going on in the background.

I do like a change from just a plain background and so here we were shooting against some storage shelves in the studio. I would have liked the background a little more out of focus but I’m still reasonably pleased with the results. Again a mix of colour and black and white images giving a different feel to the images.

and so there we were with time running out but still long enough to get a little “arty”. These striped trousers were so distinctive they just needed to be worn on their own for best effect.

 and then, to finish off, a little art nude


Not forgetting of course, the rope.


and that was the end of a very enjoyable day with a truly creative model. What could we have created with a little more time to plan. Who knows, maybe we’ll find out next time!