Recreating Vettriano the workshop

These are images taken by me from a couple of workshops we ran at JFYP Studio where we set out to “Recreate Vettriano” . The aim wasn’t to in any way try to copy the work of Vettriano as such, just to look at some of his work, interpret it and try to recreate the feel of it through the lens of a camera. What added to the enjoyment for me was not only the photography but also the fact that there were endless post process opportunities to be explored to further enhance the look we were aiming for. Below is just my interpretation. There were many different interpretations from the other photographers on the day, all equally as valid. I think it’s fair to say that we achieved what we set out to do and all came away with our different interpretations which were all in their own way “Recreating Vettriano”. I can’t finish without also adding a word for our models at both recent workshops, ElleJ and Phil Bruce, they interpreted the theme to perfection as I think is evident from the end results.

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