Natural light nudes

Last week saw me venture across the pennines for what was my first visit to Hallam Mill Studio. A visit I was very much looking forward to as Hallam Mill is one of very few studios offering such an abundance of natural light. My model for the day was Mischkah, and as with the studio, this was to be the first time I had met Mischkah.

I had the basis of an idea for the shoot and I have to say that the end result was pretty much what I was looking for. Superbly modelled by Mischkah, here are just a few of the images from the day. Incidentally, I had always envisaged this as being a black and white set, even setting my screen to display the images as black and white, but when I came to review the images I quite liked what I saw in colour. It just goes to show that you can’t take too much for granted, but I may just post a few of the black and white images later.