Collaboration Shoots


I am one of the resident photographers at the Matrix Studio cooperative adjacent to JFYP studio in Wath upon Dearne,  where I also run studio workshops and group shoots in conjunction with owner Andy Harris. In order to maintain an interesting and varied range of shoots at JFYP Studio we are constantly looking for new models as well as new ideas for our events. As part of this search I am looking to arrange collaboration shoots at Matrix Studio and welcome enquiries from any models who would like to come along and use this as a showcase with a view to joining us at one of our events at a later time. 

Events do need planning, ideas need to be tried and tested and if the planning costs are too high then events just don’t take place. At times we do need to look to collaborations to develop the ideas but we do also offer many paid opportunities throughout the year and so, as mentioned above, this is a chance to meet and possibly gain more paid work in the future. Nothing is guaranteed but it does offer an opportunity.

You don’t have to be looking to find a place on one of our studio events, you may be looking to update your portfolio and that is equally fine, but it does need to be two way thing. I’m happy to collaborate on a portfolio update but I need to be able to see some benefit for myself from the session so it may be that not every enquiry will be suitable.

Equally, you may just be starting out and looking for some experience and gaining experience can prove expensive, however there may be opportunities to come along to the studio and gain experience as part of a testing session for one of our studio events where we may be wanting someone to pose whilst testing lighting setups. You will gain images for your portfolio and we will gain from the opportunity to test for future events.

So as you can see there are a whole range of opportunities for anyone who may be interested in collaborations but remember, this is a collaboration, no payments, no expenses but you will get a share of any images from the shoots. Probably also worth mentioning again is the studio location. We are in Wath upon Dearne, South Yorkshire, S63 6PT and for anyone who doesn’t drive, the nearest train station is Swinton (South Yorkshire). If you’re still interested I look forward to hearing from you so please get in touch.

The following images are a selection of my recent images from a variety of events and studios. Some are collaborations and some are not but they are an example of the sort of images you could expect from a shoot with me.