Bobbi in a world of black and white

My trip over to Hallam Mill Studio in Stockport for my shoot with Bobbi Castle proved to be a very enjoyable day and produced some good images. With the studio’s open spaces and huge amounts of natural light the opportunities are vast and I would like to think we explored a few of them.

This particular set was inspired by the work of Helmut Newton and so the aim was to show bold, harsh, black and white images. The area I used was deliberately chosen because of the amount of equipment in the background and the intention was to use a very fast lens, wide open to give a shallow depth of field and so blur the background.

Bobbi proved to be an ideal choice of model for the day and she worked hard to produce a whole range of poses that fitted my idea perfectly.

The addition of a pair of sunglasses gave a whole new feel to the images making the look stronger and more aggressive

Finally we replaced Bobbi’s shirt with a scarf to vary the look again and that was it, a set of black and white images with, I hope, a bit of a difference.


It was a good day. I was pleased with the images and managed to achieve a lot of what I set out to achieve but, more importantly, I learnt a lot. I will now take what I’ve learnt into the next shoot, add to it and develop the ideas further and hopefully produce some even better images in the future.