A gentleman came to the studio

In what was a somewhat different group shoot in many ways, we welcomed Pip the Gentleman to JFYP Studio recently. I am sure that this proved to be a highly entertaining and photographically rewarding evening for everyone present.

Pip is most certainly a character and gave us an extremely varied set of images over the course of the evening.

Colour or black and white, they all seemed to work extremely well and Pip was certainly a master of his art, presenting each look with great authenticity .

The portraits were amazing and varied giving us everything from the look of the working man to that of the country gentleman and everything in between. We were transported to a time gone by and if that wasn’t enough, we were treated to one of the largest ranges of outfits I have come across. Suits, hats, shoes, you name it, it all seemed to be there in Pip’s suitcase. Well really I should say suitcases as there were more that one.

Keep a look out for Pip at a studio near you. If you get the chance go along, you won’t be disappointed. He will be back at JFYP Studio so keep a look out but be warned, the shoots fill very quickly.