It does seem that finally, after what seems to have been an eternity, we are as a nation starting to make slow steps back to a more normal way of life. It’s something that we will all do in our own time and some will move quicker than others. Photographic studios have been given the go ahead to reopen as of the 15th. June and here also we will see a phased return. Will we ever get back to where we were before? Only time will tell but, personally, I think it is inevitable that we will never return to an identical normality to the one we knew before. That doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. Sometimes change can be for the better, bringing fresh opportunities. So, yes, proceed with caution but at the same time go forward with optimism and let’s hope that what comes out of all this turns out to be a better future.

I was talking to a photographer on one of my recent podcasts and we started talking about equipment and he pointed out something that is so true : There is a difference between want and need and that is what I’m telling myself about my photography at the moment. Yes, I want to be back in the studio but I don’t need to be and so for the moment I will wait. How long for? I think that is probably a question we are all asking ourselves about many things at the moment and each of us will come to different conclusions.

What I do know is that I do have ideas that I’m wanting to take into the studio. Some old and some new and I will get there eventually but for the moment it will have to wait.

As studios do prepare to reopen following the Coronavirus lockdown I’ve been reflecting on my podcast about some of the measures they may be looking at to ensure that we all have a safe return when their doors do finally open.


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