Is it the Coronavirus and being in lockdown that does it, makes us become more aware of what’s going on around us? Are we more aware of things happening around us because all of a sudden our world has become considerably smaller or are we getting to be more repetitive in the things we do because we don’t have anything new to do? Indeed, do we overthink things because we don’t have anything better to do?

I find myself mentioning podcasts in a blog for possibly the third or fourth time in a month, whereas I’ve probably never mentioned them in any of my blogs before that. It’s something new and it’s something I would like to continue doing but it doesn’t seem to have a purpose unless you have listeners, so you tell people about it and you hope they listen. Some will listen but there might be others out there that still don’t know about the podcasts so you try to get the message out to them but in doing that you can’t guarantee that you avoid telling some people who already know. Tell people too often, they switch off and avoid you. Don’t tell people enough and you don’t get the results you’re looking for. It’s Catch 22!

Anyone who is marketing anything must face this dilemma on a daily basis. How do you market effectively without alienating people. If anyone has the perfect answer then I’m sure there are many many people out there who would love to hear from you. Me, I’m just soldiering on hoping that I don’t upset too many people by keeping mentioning podcasts and hoping that by keep mentioning podcasts a few more people get to hear about them.

By the way, did I mention my podcast ?

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