I think it’s fair to say that the last couple of months have been like no other that any of us can remember. We have all had to adapt and make changes to the way we live and it remains to be seen which of those changes stay with us when life returns to whatever the future “normal” might be. 

We have been encouraged to use contactless payment methods so will we return to using cash or will the discovery of how convenient plastic payment is stay with us for ever. That could bring its own problems as I’m sure that paying with a plastic card will come much easier than parting with the last tenner in your pocket.

On line shopping was popular before lockdown but having now made it almost essential, will we ever go back to the routine of the regular food shop. There has to be something to be said in some instances for actually seeing what you’re buying but I think the convenience of on line shopping may well have been demonstrated to some who had not thought about it before. A spin off from that could be less visits to the petrol station and who knows what effect that could have on both the economy or the environment.

Zoom was something I’d never heard of at the start of lockdown. I now use it several times a week to talk to family and to record podcasts. School work is being done over zoom and we’re seeing a whole range of television programmes incorporating it and whilst its use in school may not continue to a great extent after lockdown, I think we may see it’s continued use at a much higher level in the future and I think that we will start to see a lot more of zoom and similar messaging apps being used by everyone moving forward. People have rediscovered by necessity long distance conversation and I’m sure I’ve seen an increase in live videos on social media. 

The lockdown was the reason I started my podcasts. Initially a way to keep in touch, keep telling people about the studio and also letting other people speak about their plans and wishes. I have enjoyed it and hope to keep it going even as we return from the lockdown, but that depends on everyone out there. I can’t do it on my own. I’ve tried talking to myself and it doesn’t work, I need people to talk to so please keep coming forward with the offers. I can’t guarantee talking to everyone but I will certainly try to talk to as many people as I can.

Listeners are also important if for no other reason than the fact that it’s nice to think you’re talking to someone, so please give it a try and if you like it, subscribe and get the updates automatically. If you haven’t listened before then see the link below, if you have listened before, thank you and finally to everyone STAY SAFE.


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