Coronavirus  was a word that most of us had never heard of a few short weeks ago but the word now defines possibly the biggest change ever in all our lives. As I write this the country is at an almost total standstill and for the great majority of us there is only a limited prospect of venturing further than our own front door other than the occasional outing for essential supplies or to gain a little exercise. For those of us involved with photography, particularly studio photography, everything has come to a complete halt and we are left trying to find something to occupy our time. For many of us this has meant dusting off the old hard drives and seeing what images we can find that we can re edit and improve. It can be a revelation, images you forgot you had and new ideas for editing them to give them a whole new and improved look. It can help pass away a few hours but then even that can lose its appeal and the search is on to find something else to fill the hours.

I decided to create a podcast. For me at least, it wasn’t as easy as it might sound, especially when faced with having to talk to everyone by telephone. Mixing the sound into my computer was a challenge but I think I have managed to achieve a reasonable sound quality for the moment. So now I just have a couple of hurdles left. Obviously one is actually getting the podcasts out there and getting people to listen but more importantly it’s actually getting people to talk to you to make the podcasts in the first place. I have had a few volunteers but I could do with more and after all it’s only a chat on the telephone so it’s nothing to worry about.

Photographers, models, in fact anyone involved with photography at all, I’d love to talk to you and find out what you’re doing to keep busy and, hopefully as time goes by we can even talk about the shoots we all have arranged. If you are interested, please get in touch. I you want to get an idea of what is involved look at the menu at the top of this page and you should see a podcast button, you can find the list of podcasts already done there. It’s a short list at the moment so let’s make it longer. If you don’t have any other ways of contacting me I’ll add a contact form below. 

That’s all for now. Hope to speak to you soon.


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