Time To Look Back

As photographers, with much of the world in lockdown and opportunities for photography of any sort greatly reduced, what better time than now to look back on some of your past work and reassess it. You might be surprised at just what you find hiding in those old dusty hard drives. Over time we all progress in some way, our ideas change and our skills improve and an image that even a few months ago you might have discarded can suddenly yield new found potential. Below I’ve added just a few that I have come across on my own hard drives over the last few days but hopefully, over the coming days I will be adding more. It keeps me occupied and hopefully a few of you out there might find them interesting to look at. I hope so.

For me it’s no substitute to actually being in the studio working on new ideas but for the moment that can’t be. Perhaps looking back will not only discover hidden gems from past shoots but also offer further inspiration for new shoots when we can eventually get back in the studio. Hopefully that day won’t be too far off and once again we will see the light in our studios.

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