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Sadly something I am hearing from photographers only too regularly over recent months is that studio photography as a hobby is getting to a point where it is no longer affordable. I’m sure that there will be some out there that will give the opposite opinion but as I look around I see studios closing and I have certainly seen a decline in interest in the events I arrange at JFYP Studio. I can only speak for us but over the last 6 years our prices have stayed more or less the same but over the last 12 months in particular we have seen a sharp increase in costs. Obviously our main outlay for studio events is model fees along with their travel costs and there certainly does seem to have been a large increase in this area recently to the extent that it is not economically viable for us to book quite a few models now. The obvious result is that we have fewer models to choose from and if we use the same models too frequently interest from photographers again falls off.

But this isn’t just about us, the same thing applies to individual photographers. Their choice of models is limited by cost and if their choice becomes too limited they will again lose interest, move on and find another interest and once they have found another interest, getting them back is a far greater task.

It isn’t for me to comment on how much a model is worth but what I will say is that the gap between the rates for very experienced and very inexperienced models now seems to be narrowing to the point where they are virtually the same. I’m sure that they can all justify what they are charging but when anyone reaches the point where the customer will not pay the price you’re asking there is only one outcome. Look no further than the High Street!

So that’s about it really. The last thing I want to see if for our events at the studio to finish but if at the end of the day what we are charging is more that photographers are prepared to pay then that is what will happen. I hope it doesn’t and I am always searching for models to bring to the studio that photographers want to shoot and can also afford.

No photographs in this post as I didn’t want to appear to be criticising anyone by association but this was something I wanted to say. I am passionate about my studio photography and would hate to see it end but unfortunately it isn’t something that can continue at any cost.

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