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You may have noticed a new tab appear across the top of my home page, “Collaboration Shoots” . Nothing new in itself but something I have made a conscious effort to move towards this year. This won’t affect any of our mainstream studio events at the studio where we will continue to book models in much the same way as we have always done. What is going to change though is the way we find them in the first place..

In the past I have always preferred to book models that I have already worked with for our group shoots. Booking models you haven’t worked with before doesn’t have to be a problem, but it is a step into the unknown and has on a few occasions in the past given us problems. This has only been on a few occasions however the preference is still to have previously met the model before a group shoot booking. However with escalating costs it is just not economically viable to fund the number of shoots that would be required to keep bringing new models to the studio.

This isn’t the end of studio events at the studio, far from it, we are now well into our seventh year of events and looking towards offering more content rather than less.. However, this in itself  brings its own problems because as we look towards bringing more specific workshops to our programme so the need to plan setups and lighting increases requiring prior studio shoots to help with the planning. This additional studio time somehow needs funding and this is one area where increased costs are a problem. Obviously the other problem is that as our workshops become more specific so do the model requirements as we look for models that we feel will fit to a specific genre.  So I guess that what I am saying  is that you may need to put yourself in the “shop window”, come along to a collaboration shoot and let us get to know you, we get a chance to test our ideas and you get a chance to let us see you as a model. A collaboration shoot isn’t a guarantee of a booking for a group shoot but I’m certainly not going to take on shoots if I don’t think there is a possibility of something developing from it. What you will get though are reasonable quality images that you are able to use as you wish. 

If you would be interested why not click the link “Collaboration Shoots” at the top of the page and find out more?

All of the featured images above are my images from recent studio shoots, some but not all are collaborations, what they all are are inspiration for future studio events.

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