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Inspiration can come from the most unexpected places and this most certainly was the case with our “Recreating Vettriano” themed workshops that have proved to be quite popular at the studio. So unexpected in fact that the idea came from nowhere. We had a studio day at JFYP Studio with Elle J late last year and just before setting out in the morning I had been looking at some of Jack Vettriano’s images and casually wondering if I could one day manage to recreate something similar in camera. How surprised was I when Elle arrived and almost immediately produced the hat that she is wearing in the image below.


Straight away I thought “Vettriano” and that was the beginning. Myself and Andy Harris, who was shooting with me on that day, set off on a journey that has continued to grow. With very little preparation we produced another two images on the day and things have continued from there.

Towards the end of the day the three of us began discussing a follow on shoot with the inclusion of Phil Bruce who, regularly working with Elle, was an obvious choice for a male partner for the shoots, and so the planning began.

So that was it, the beginning of the “Recreating Vettriano” workshops and they have proved to be very popular. We didn’t set out to imitate we took a style and adapted it to photography, something that everyone did in their own way. That was the beauty of the workshop (in fact any workshop) there are no rules, you make them up as you go along and the end result is your own. Take a look at my end result below. Would your’s be the same ? Keep a look out for the next workshop and you too could be “Recreating Vettriano”

For more details of this or any of our studio events, please get in touch.

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