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I’ve been somewhat quiet recently and with good reason. I’ve been over the other side of the world enjoying a break in Taiwan. Perhaps not a usual tourist destination from our part of the world but plenty of interesting things to see and the chance to experience a totally different way of life. As a photographer, one thing that has struck me each time I have visited is the amount of photography that takes place and the size of some of the events. Cosplay seems to be extremely popular and there seem to be organised events taking place most weekends. I have regularly visited the Maji Stadium in Yuanshan at weekends and found huge gatherings of photographers and models in full cosplay dress. I think the picture below might give you some idea of the size of the events.



I really do wish I could get more involved but I know very little about Cosplay and the language barrier doesn’t help in establishing what the protocol is for actually photographing, although I have found that if a model has seen me pointing a camera in their direction they have been only too happy to pose for me. Hopefully I will be back and hopefully next time I will be able to find someone who can help me understand at least some of what is going on, but that’s for next time. For now I’ll leave with a few of the images I captured this year from the crowd.


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