What’s it all about?

What’s it all about is a question I’m often asked about our group shoots and so I decided to give it some thought and put down a few of my ideas about what our group shoots are all about. We’ve been running group shoots regularly now at JFYP Studio for over five years and as the vast majority sell out, it looks as if we might be getting something right.

There are many studios across the country successfully running group shoots and they use many different formats for the shoots but the one common factor is that they are intended for more than one photographer. A group shoot is a cost effective way of being able to shoot with a model, as by sharing the available time a group of photographers are also able to share the cost and hence reduce individual expense. But, as with most things in life, there are pro’s and con’s. Yes, it will be a cheaper option that arranging a shoot for yourself but what you need to remember is that it is cheaper because you’re sharing the time and, as all the photographers have made an equal contribution they should also  get an equal share of the available time.  Obvious enough you may think but easy enough to get lost in the moment and lose track of just how long you have been shooting.

Time is something that you need to bear in mind for other reasons as well as special requests for model looks or studio setups may also prove difficult to accommodate and as a general rule you should expect to keep things more or less the same across a particular set to maximise actual photography time. 

This might all sound a bit regimented but it isn’t really, I can be a very good few hours in good company and some good images to take home. You get the chance to meet other photographers and exchange ideas and possibly take away a few ideas to try at a later date on a solo shoot. What there isn’t really time for though is to fine tune each setup for every photographer individually. There just isn’t that sort of time available.

Perhaps though, this answers another question that I have regularly asked, the difference between a group shoot and a workshop. Personally I think that a key difference is that whereas with a group shoot you will pretty much get on with what you have in front of you, with a workshop you will expect to fine tune and develop what you start off with and develop the idea as you go along. I am hoping to see more of both at the studio in the coming months.

What I would say to anyone though is, don’t be put off, give a group shoot a try. You would most certainly get a warm welcome from us and be involved in an enjoyable evening of photography.

All the images you can see on this page have been taken by me at group events either at JFYP or other studios around the country. Don’t discount group shoots, give them a try. You may find they are good value for money.

If you would like more information, please get in touch. There is a contact form below and I do try to reply to everyone as soon as I possible.



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