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So here we are in 2018 and Saturday saw our first group shoot of the New Year when Fiona made a welcome return visit to the studio. It was good to be back in the studio after what seemed to be a long break, meet up with some old friends and also welcome some relative newcomers to our shoots.

It is pleasing to see the shoots continuing to prove popular and I would again like to extend my thanks to everyone who has supported us over the last five years. My aim is to add even more events this year and try to deliver more variety with some longer group days with more specific themes. Whilst the support is there I will try to keep the shoots coming.

Costs are always a problem and I do try to keep our prices affordable, there are some shoots that don’t happen purely because they would be above what I consider to be value for money and I feel they would be difficult to fill. Unfortunately there will have to be some increase in prices this year to enable us to continue to offer the standard of shoots that we have offered in the past but, as ever, they will be kept to a minimum.

 I am always interested to receive comments and feedback regarding events so please feel free to get in touch and I look forward to meeting up with some of you throughout the year both in the studio and further afield.

So that’s about it for now other than to leave you with a few of my images from our group shoot with Fiona.



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