Workshops, what we’ve learnt, the pitfalls and the future

Well, our first workshop, the subject of my last post, seemed to go quite well, answered a few questions but also created a few more.

I believe that I now have a clearer understanding of what a workshop should be and this in turn will give me a much better idea of how  to structure our workshops in future. As I see it now our future workshops should have a general aim and, more specifically, a starting point. So at the start of the day we say, okay this is what we are trying to achieve and this is how I think we do it. That’s the basis of the day and then from there on in the way the day progresses is down to the input of everyone present.

I have never suggested that I am an expert on photography and in fact try my best to point out the opposite. What I am is an enthusiast who wants to improve and develop ideas. If I can then share my ideas at workshops and we can collectively develop and expand them then I am happy and that is my aim with the workshops.

Our initial workshop was well received and what is nice is that there we have been asked to do more. There are more in the pipeline and also based on suggestions we have had we will be working on even more still. Whilst ever there is interest and support then our events will continue. However producing the workshops does in itself bring problems. 

Finding the right model is the first problem. With our first workshop, pinup lighting, Alice was an ideal choice. This is her speciality and she has the outfits, the look and the experience to make the day work. Something she did extremely well. My aim is to find models for all our workshops that fit as well as Alice did in our first one.

I’m not going to dwell on the cost but clearly, as with any event, it has to be priced at a level that is affordable and so this is a further consideration when looking for models.

However, for me, the greatest problem has to be the planning of the individual events. It starts with an idea but will it work?  Really, for me, the only way to find out is to get into the studio and experiment and develop the plan. Again, this requires time and a model and this can prove to be the biggest hurdle as I have recently found to my cost. Prior to our recent workshop I had several shoots arranged to test ideas and fine tune my plan, only to see them all get cancelled. A less than ideal build up to the workshop. This in itself is something you can’t plan for but has a major impact on planning.

So there it is, all that’s left to say is “keep watching my website” as more events are being planned but here is a big plea, if you are a model and you would like to be involved please get in touch. Also,if you’re reading this and know of a model who you think might be interested, tell them and ask them to get in touch. Not everyone will be suitable for the events I’m planning and I won’t be able to afford everyone’s fees but I really would like to hear from anyone who might be interested.

Bobbi Castle will feature in our next workshop.

Creative Lighting Workshop with Bobbi Castle Saturday 2nd December at JFYP Studio



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