Our Workshops Begin

This week saw the studio host the first of our workshops.

What is a workshop you may ask? It’s certainly a question I’ve asked many times in the past and in fact I am still asking because I’m not sure anyone has a definitive answer.

So what are our workshops? Well the idea was to offer something that is perhaps a bit more specific than our normal group shoots, choose a theme, start of with a skeleton of a plan and then develop the ideas as the day goes along.

The theme for this first workshop was pinup and our model, Alice Katz, was an ideal choice for this one as the style is one of her specialities. I have worked with Alice shooting pinup before and so had an idea of what I thought was needed to produce a typical pinup look in a shot. So that was a starting point and the day progressed from there.

It seemed to go well with good feedback and on that basis there are certainly more to come, starting with our creative lighting workshop with Bobbi Castle on the 2nd. December. Hopefully we will see some of you there.

Creative Lighting Workshop with Bobbi Castle Saturday 2nd December at JFYP Studio





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