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I have always been a committed studio photographer who has never really been tempted to venture outdoors for a shoot. Apart from the uncertainties of the British weather, the prospect of the scrutiny and possible questioning by the passing public has always been a huge deterrent. I am however starting to wonder if I should reconsider my views and perhaps venture out a little. For the moment though I am left with another option. A digital one.

I recently ventured down to Map Studios for a shoot with Cariad, a shoot which I have already mentioned quite a bit on these pages. The shoot went very well and I ended up with a huge amount of first class images which I have been looking at again. In particular a set of images we did with a vintage outfit and a suitcase.

I really like these images but this is one situation where I feel that the plain background doesn’t do them justice. Whenever I look at them I see Cariad on a station waiting for a train and so I looked to Photoshop for help.

A quick search of the internet came up with plenty of sites offering suitable background images most of which are offered royalty free. I downloaded a couple of them and, with a little head scratching, eventually managed to import them into photoshop and began the editing process.

When it comes to producing composite images I am by no means an expert and so ignored  such things as  lasso tools and magic wands which I always find a little complicated and never work quite how I expect them to. Layers are my best friend in Photoshop and was my choice to obtain the images I wanted to create here. Probably not perfect but they do give me the background that perhaps I would have got had the shoot been on location.

I think they are a great improvement to the plain background but are they as good as actually being there on location? Probably not, but there again would we have got the same range of backgrounds? Will this be enough to tempt me to the great outdoors or just another excuse to remain firmly planted in the studio? Watch this space!

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