Concern about nipples

Nipples do seem to cause concern in many places, particularly if they are the female variety. Facebook is particularly keen on keeping them from view and imposes hefty posting bans on those that contravene their rules. However, in these days of equality, I do have to wonder if they are in some way in contravention of some obscure law somewhere by still allowing the male nipple to be freely shown.

At this point can I suggest caution. Before everyone rushes out in mass protest at Facebook’s discriminatory behaviour, I suspect that if they were to be found at fault in any way and in violation of some little known equality law, the most likely outcome. I suspect,  would be the banning also of the male nipple from its pages, which I imagine would just create more problems in the world of Facebook.

I fell foul of the Facebook police myself a few years ago when I posted the image below.


 Ah yes, not surprised I hear you say, but if you look closer, there is nothing more than a shirt button on display. A three day posting bad and no opportunity to challenge the decision, and that’s my main problem with Facebook, the fact that it is so anonymous and there is no opportunity to question anything.

Having said all the above, I do have some sympathy with Facebook. Somehow you do have to establish a standard and how do they do that, there has to be some sort of guidance set down, a line drawn which you do not cross and a nipple seems to be quite clearcut. Either you can see it or you can’t. If you can see it then the picture isn’t acceptable and that’s the rule. It may not be a rule that we all agree with but at the end of the day it is one that we have to accept and live with. For me, having my own site is my way of living with it. I can still use Facebook as a networking site but then link to my own site which hosts most of my images. I’m not out to shock people and my intention is for all my images to be tasteful, however some do contravene Facebook rules so the majority of my images will always be on here. Below are just a few of my images that didn’t make it onto Facebook.

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