A dream in the making

The moment I saw a picture of this table for the first time an image came to mind, so it was a trip to yet another new venue in an attempt to “realise the dream”

Venus studio is a fairly new studio opened by friend and model Angel Price. Set in the picturesque village of Wirksworth it proved to be a reasonable drive but unfortunately on one of the worst days of the year so far we couldn’t fully enjoy the countryside we passed through to get there. However, once there, we found a well equipped studio with several rooms and waiting in the corner was “my” table.

When I first saw the table I was immediately transported to Spain and sunny afternoons on a rooftop patio, an experience that is unfortunately far too infrequent. It was however enough to sow the seed and sooner or later the shoot was inevitable.


The first few shots were okay but there was something missing, that something, I eventually realised, was the sunshine and so a further light was added to the setup which for me produced a far more satisfying result.


Many thanks to Angel Price and Missa RaeBerry who I think interpreted my idea to perfection. This was just a small part of our day’s shooting and hopefully, when time permits, more of the days images will be added to my “out of the camera” section.

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