It started with a hoop

Something I hadn’t previously given any thought to at all but when Alex from Map Studio got in touch and mentioned a studio day he had arranged and that there would be an aerial hoop I was interested, although the thinking hadn’t gone beyond that. Soria was the model and I have to say that her aerial ability is quite something as I think you will see from the following images


Some of the poses may look quite straightforward but I can assure you they were anything but. The photography also had a few challenging moments as the ring wasn’t static and did have a habit of not being in the right place at the right time. However for a first attempt (for me, not Soria) I don’t think we did too badly.



This is certainly something I would like to have another shot at so if there is anyone out there who would be interested in giving it a go and is used to aerial work, give me a shout.

We didn’t limit the shoot just to hoop shots as the studio also had a pole, which is another area of Soria’s expertise.


I could have carried on all afternoon but even someone as fit as Soria needs a rest sooner or later and so that was the end of yet another  very enjoyable day at MAP Studio.

Since this shoot I have also added a rope into the thinking. This is an idea that hasn’t been fully thought out yet and so far the rope has possibly offered the greatest challenge to the models that have tried it out. I suppose that as the rope swings but is also flexible itself it adds an extra challenge. Nicky Phillips gave it a go and again, for  a first attempt, I think we got some pretty good images.



Hopefully there will be updates. As they say …… “Watch this space”

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