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This is a thought brought about by a comment I saw on another site. What should you expect from a studio? I don’t consider myself to be the most travelled photographer but I have visited a few studios over the last couple of years and I think that from my experiences, the first thing you should expect is that they are all going to be different.

Some will be large and some will be small. Some will have infinity curves and some won’t. Others will have hand built sets whilst others will basically be old buildings and the main features of the studio are the natural characteristics of the building. Most will be able to cater for the majority of photographers needs but I suppose if you’re looking to shoot something specific then it’s best to check first to make sure it’s possible.

For me, I enjoy visiting new studios because it’s a challenge, nothing works the same in two different places and so you have to start from the beginning and work out what you need to do to get the results you want. One thing I have found without exception is that studio owners are very helpful and will always be on hand to advise on what works best in their studio, will always be ready to offer a cup of tea but then disappear into the background and leave you to get on with it.

My studio experiences have ranged from the spacious and daylight swamped Hallam Mill Studio in Stockport, which is as the name suggests, part of a converted mill. There is a huge amount of space and masses of natural light. At the other extreme I visited Studio 2 on the Isle of Wight, possibly as small as you can get as a studio but, as you will hopefully see from the images below, still capable of producing good results.

Studio 2 is at the moment the only studio on the island and so offers a great service for the photographers of the Isle of Wight. Its location, just off the seafront in Ryde is also ideal.

So that’s it, my opinion of what to expect from a studio and it’s nothing more than that, just my opinion based on my experiences. I would recommend it to anyone. Get out there and discover new studios, I’m sure you will find it enjoyable.

Now as promised, here are just a few images of Lulu Lockhart from my shoot at Studio 2. View more of the images from the shoot here.

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