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Welcome to my world of photography where hopefully I will be able to share with you some of my experiences in photography. As this is my first post I thought I would share with everyone a recent image I took and tell you a little about it.


I had recently been looking at the work of Helmut Newton and it is pretty difficult to look at any article about Helmut Newton without coming across his classic night time shot of the lady in the Paris street and this was the inspiration for my image.

Unfortunately my budget didn’t stretch to a trip to France but I was making a trip down to Map Studio in Loughborough with model Missa Rae Berry and I had the street leading to the studio in mind to create my shot. So after a long day shooting it the studio we ventured out into what was a very cold and wet January evening to create the above image.

Missa had only seen the original image 24 hours before so full marks to her for what I this is a first class interpretation of the idea. It was a miserable evening and the lighting was very poor so the camera’s ability was tested to its maximum, needing a speed of 10,000 iso to make the shot possible. I’m pleased with the result and I hope that the story has been of some interest.

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